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New Yeti Catalog and Brochure Feature the little bro!

New Yeti Catalog and Brochure Feature the little bro – Ben Beattie fishing on the Econ in FL –

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Dudewater does it again…

Besides the name that leaves many puzzled, the boys over at the Dudewater blog are posting some quality as of late.

Shaking it up a bit….

I think it’s safe to say that those of us along the southern shore of ol’ Erie have gotten settled in to the steelhead scene. After all, it’s already November, and most of us start to come down with the bug by late August.
I realize that I’m in the minority when it comes to time spent on the stream – most guys can’t get much, but I’m fortunate enough to be on the far other side of the spectrum. More time on the water – be it working, or playing – equals more steelhead. So far steelhead alley has had it’s share of crummy conditions and tough fishing, but I’ve been lucky enough to have had a lot of steelhead in my net already this fall. read more… at

What do Pike eat?

Night Time Lapse – Colorado Rocky Mountains – 9.15.10

Night Time Lapse – Colorado Rocky Mountains – 9.15.10

Catch us in the latest Catch Mag!

For two years now the boys at Catch Mag have been cranking out an online photo/video, mixed media online cata-blog – filled with stunning imagery from around the world. We were stoked to help out with the 2nd anniversary edition by giving them a short custom vid from our midwest film travels. Check out the vid by logging onto The rest of the midwest footage will be included on our upcoming DVD – Off the Grid…

Rock’n it like big foot!

Beattie Outdoor Productions crew member (also has his own company and blog -lateral line media) has a sweet ass hoodie out – inspired from a film trip in Washington -I don’t like to post much about merch and whatnot – but sort of cool.

Here’s what he’s saying about it: Need one?

“We had some hooded sweatshirts made for our Steelhead Trip and I have gotten a bunch of interest from folks who have seen them kicking around. Here are a couple pics. It is sasquatch holding a spey rod in the forest on the front, it seemed fitting considering that he lives in the Pacific Northwest, and on the back there is a fish with text that read release wild steelhead. If you would like one shoot us and email with your size and shipping address.”

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Long road trips across the american west, in summer, are almost always accompanied by massive storms… always a beautiful site.  As long as they don’t turn into a twister…