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Missoula – Where I should have gone to college.

Had the opportunity to do a little cast and blast weekend with Austin Trayser and his buddies up in Missoula – awesome weekend with a few dead birds and some unexpected fish.  Back in the day I looked at going to school in Missoula, but with awesome hunting and skiing in every direction, would probably still be in school… so I decided to keep looking. Turns out that was a bad decision. Thew boys are living the dream – besides the usual perks of living in a college town  – they have a drift boat in the garage and fish and hunt whenever there is a free moment… hopefully they know how lucky they are!


More photos here:


Winter is here…

Kick’n it in Taipei, Taiwan

Kick’n it in Taipei, Taiwan:

We spent the day running around the city – blatant overuse of the fisheye but sometimes you need to get it out of your system. Made it to the coast but the rain limited out time – and my step dad had an opportunity to destroy an umbrella… don’t see that every day.

Sunrise in Aspen, CO

Sunrise time lapse in Aspen, CO. Fall, 2010. Shot by hand with a watch and the Canon 7D.

Time Lapse: Hiking out of the Black Canyon

Playing around with the Canon 7D while hiking out of the Black Canyon… wish the real hike was this short…

Drake Mag Video Awards: When Guiding Goes Gangster

2010 Drake Mag Video Awards: When Guiding Goes Gangster – wins best Humor Award….

Developing the script for guiding goes gangster:

RA: I can’t really remember – I think I was driving across Montana with Joey Macomber (Jmac) and we came up with a simple premise for a short film: When guiding goes gangster. A series of scenes with cars, guns and bling…

Joey: We were actually speeding down a dirt road in Basalt, CO hungover as hell, blasting some ghetto music and scaring my father who was in the back seat of a 88 Land Cruiser, which had no breaks and expired MT plates. This is when the guiding gone gangster idea was born. After a giant smothered Burrito at 2 Rivers Cafe and a bloody Mary we had the idea in swing.

RA:  Whatever – so Joey has a memories. No big deal.  And I only eat the huevos rancheros at two rivers. And my car still has some breaks.

Worst Idea Ever:

Films need props. This one needed dice, fake guns, gangsta clothes… and unfortunately a giant gangsta ass car.  Without one on hand, we decided to check out craigs list… next thing you know Tom Bie and I and are owners of a sweet ass gangsta ride… black on black.. seemed like a good idea at the time.  But we have a promo idea – coming out soon – involves the car, a drift boat and the opening the car up to the public to take the car on a road trip… more info to come on that front.

Just another night at FFR:

We were waiting in line to get a wrist band outside of Cervantes – the venue for the film tour – and a homeless guy was trying to sell me a sweaty vicodin (an advil). Hours later we were watching a number of amazing vids from around the industry… everything from tarpon caught from float tubes to aliens invading… and then some of this: our gangsta cut

The Night Continues:

Joe Willauer (badd-ass montana/washington based guide) started calling Joey Mac Sharp Cheddar a few years back.  The name stuck. Hours after the film premiered, we were in some downtown Denver bar break dancing with a bunch of random broads – and the Drake Mag Award took a spill out of my back pocket. We found it – but the base of the award was long gone. The award was scratched up and smelled like warm beer and feet. Perfect initiation for the little guy into the group…. it was not as scratched when we got it – sorry Tom B.

The Late Night Report:

After paying a guy to rap on the street – a midnight high-speed tailgate rescue – chasing down a richshaw that took $40 from us – soliciting a ride to a pizza parlor from a delivery guy – confronting a egotistical midget wrestler – we ended up in the most logical place. 7eleven. Where we rang up this beauty. The perfect ending to a healthy evening. The next morning was magical, as the be expected.

Into the BC with the Alpacka Raft