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Playing catch-up: BC or Bust, the Midwest Tour, Bahamas (ooohhh) and more…

We’ve been on the road for about 4 months with virtually NO time for updates, so playing a little catch up and adding a little old stuff.  We are just back from Wyoming, and have a new post about our travels below, but also have so show off some new vids from BC and the Midwest – oh and the Bahamas… we were in the Bahamas shooting as well… All of these adventure deserve their own posts, but this is the heart of fishing season – and it is tough to put together full blown posts, fish, and edit all this stuff. I know, we’re not bitching, just being honest/lazy. So here we go: we spent most of May in BC with a bunch of friends (Sturgeon Slayers, Upstream Adventures, Leisure Suit Charters, Chromer Sport Fishing, etc.) and then we were in the Midwest for a few weeks – then were home for about 24 hrs before headed to the Bahamas. Then home for two days before hitting the road back west… what a hell of a life… here are some new vids… enjoy

Midwest Vid… probably one of the most fun shoots of my life… just saying.

BC or Bust: Onion Lake Vid – some of the best lake fishing I have seen (but I’m sort of a rookie lake guy, so for what it’s worth…)

Fly Fishing Slatwaters Bahamas Bonefish Vid

Fly Fishing the Bahamas with Fly Fishing Slatwaters from RA Beattie on Vimeo.


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