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Fullers and the AuSable: the Midwest Journey Begins

In June we embarked on a two week journey that took us over 1000 miles of the midwest in search of some of the best fishing the area has to offer. The cour of our group consisted of Colleen Trayser who is the Simms rep for the midwest, myself, and Colleen’s step son and budding photographer Austin Trayser. We soon realized that while we were dedicating a good chunk of time to exploring the midwest, really exploring everything the midwest has to offer could take a lifetime. Or two. So while we may refer to this trip as the midwest tour, we realize we barely scratched the surface of what the region has to offer. That being said, we were lucky to team up with some outstanding people along the way, and were fortunate enough to fish some really amazing water.

We kicked off the journey at a legendary lodge situated on the banks of the AuSable River – Fuller’s North Branch Outidng Club – a lodge with almost 100 years of fly fishing history.  This classic fishery is explored and fished using the beautiful Ausable River Boats (shown below).  These narrow canoe-like wooden boats slide effortlessly and silently along the broad and shallow stream, piloted by a guide with a wooden push pole, allowing the angler shots at brookie after brookie, in what could be some of the most consistent dry fly fishing any angler can hope for.

The AuSable River boats in action (well, actually they are just sitting there, but you get the point).

Filming the AuSable River Boats with the Jib.


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