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New Yeti Catalog and Brochure Feature the little bro!

New Yeti Catalog and Brochure Feature the little bro – Ben Beattie fishing on the Econ in FL –

To learn more about the most kick-ass coolers in the world, click:

Missoula – Where I should have gone to college.

Had the opportunity to do a little cast and blast weekend with Austin Trayser and his buddies up in Missoula – awesome weekend with a few dead birds and some unexpected fish.¬† Back in the day I looked at going to school in Missoula, but with awesome hunting and skiing in every direction, would probably still be in school… so I decided to keep looking. Turns out that was a bad decision. Thew boys are living the dream – besides the usual perks of living in a college town¬† – they have a drift boat in the garage and fish and hunt whenever there is a free moment… hopefully they know how lucky they are!


More photos here:

Dudewater does it again…

Besides the name that leaves many puzzled, the boys over at the Dudewater blog are posting some quality as of late.

Shaking it up a bit….

I think it’s safe to say that those of us along the southern shore of ol’ Erie have gotten settled in to the steelhead scene. After all, it’s already November, and most of us start to come down with the bug by late August.
I realize that I’m in the minority when it comes to time spent on the stream – most guys can’t get much, but I’m fortunate enough to be on the far other side of the spectrum. More time on the water – be it working, or playing – equals more steelhead. So far steelhead alley has had it’s share of crummy conditions and tough fishing, but I’ve been lucky enough to have had a lot of steelhead in my net already this fall. read more… at

Winter is here…

Kick’n it in Taipei, Taiwan

Kick’n it in Taipei, Taiwan:

We spent the day running around the city – blatant overuse of the fisheye but sometimes you need to get it out of your system. Made it to the coast but the rain limited out time – and my step dad had an opportunity to destroy an umbrella… don’t see that every day.

Sunrise in Aspen, CO

Sunrise time lapse in Aspen, CO. Fall, 2010. Shot by hand with a watch and the Canon 7D.

What do Pike eat?